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Welcome to DA Corporation

With our formation in 2004, DA Corporation had a clearly identified and optimized business path laid out. Our role as an Investment Relations and Publicity firm is one that is utilized by many recognizable and trusted names in finance and corporate investment.

We take on each and every client as a priority, whose reputation, branding and message is deserving of the largest possible yet selective audience, one that we will bring to you in the most innovative dynamic and dependable of means. We seek out and deliver the most receptive and critical audiences for your individual requirements in the most economical and timely fashion possible, ensuring that the right investors for your business receive your message.

We seek to reach optimum conditions with good hard working and well performing businesses, our services and assistance make a large difference to companies whose only shortcoming was their failure to connect with the pool of investors that they so badly needed to succeed. We provide a service that keeps your investors updated and well informed. This situation holds true with investors, giving them the information and confidence to place their capital behind the right company. This is where the shareholder services of DA Corporation are crucial in bringing together the pool of qualified investors and solid companies seeking capital to expand upon their successful ventures. By allowing DA Corporation to focus your message and aim this powerful statement directly at an audience who are both interested in receiving the accurate information and willing to act upon this message we can turn daunting prospects into bankable business.

No matter what stage your company is currently at on the investment scale from start up concern to internationally recognized brand name, one principle stands true, blanket advertising is simply not effective on selective and critical audiences. What we provide is a polished and focused message that goes to the heart of the topic and delivers accurately to those investors who want a clear and informative supply of updates and information.

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Below are some of the financing solutions we can facilitate for our clients:

Watch our Corporate Video

Investing today can be incredibly complex. So whether you consider yourself a savvy investor, a novice, or somewhere in between, there may be things you should know to help you reach your financial goals. To help fill in these gaps, DA Corporation’s top strategists have assembled the things they believe every investor ought to know today.

The DA Corporation corporate video communicates about who it is as a company and what it contributes to key investors and society at large.

Watch our corporate video to find out more about us and the financial services and solutions we offer throughout the world.